Being a multi-disciplinary artist has allowed TRAP to create a solid identity in the art world without a face to go along with it. His work speaks for itself.
Featured in magazines and galleries, his diverse body of work spans many mediums and even a line of products from skateboards to t-shirts. He has been featured in Vice Magazine, Bombing Science,12ozProphet and 'Animal' as well as in galleries such as Succulent Studios, Gallery Bar SOHO, Urban Art Folk studios, Gallery 69 and most recently the Hip Hop museum.
Scaling rooftops, bombing trainlines, catching tags, the hooded shadow and ikonik figure in the New York City streets known as TRAP has been going hard in the graffiti game over 30 years.
Like most traditionalists its second nature for him to be picking spots by day and hitting them by night. That adrenaline rush doesnt fade over time especially when theres always new spots across these 5 boroughs. His evolving hand style and piece structure has him doing everything from wild tie-dye fills to massive and legible blockbusters.